Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Iranian Community and Real Estate

Owning a home has long been considered an "American" dream. However, what is an American? Someone who was born here? Naturalized here? Lives here? Pays taxes here? What qualifies you or anyone as an American is not a standard answer. That's why it's important to take your culture into consideration. Your real estate agent is no exception! You need an agent that will understand you and speak your language!

Speaking farsi isn't enough! There is more to being an Iranian Community's real estate services firm than speaking the language. Not only do you need someone to speak your language, but you need someone who really understand your needs. Look for companies founded by an Iranian-American to help serve Iranian community in the Southern California area. An Iranian agent will be the difference between a pleasant, satisfying, and stress-free home buying or selling experience and an unhappy, stressful, dissatisfying one. Many agents hold themselves out to be specialists in the Iranian community, but they are not. 

Your agent should spend time understanding and discovering your needs. Many Iranian families are larger and more expanded than the typical "American Nuclear" family. A good agent will understand that you may have special needs when searching for a home. he or She will also understand the particularities of your culture. An experienced agent will know Iranians are warm hospitable and generous, which makes for wanting homes that are designed with entertaining lifestyles in mind. Your agent should cut straight to the point to get you what you need.

Pick an agent that has helped numerous Iranians achieve the American dream of home ownership. They can get the job done and do it smoothly with no hassles and stress. It is important that your agent will understand Iranian tradition and culture, ways of life and working, financial management strategies, faith, concerns, goals, needs, and dreams.

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